Some wrong interpretated Traffic Type?

“World of Warcraft Online Gaming” is an Entry that is in fact wrong interpreted.
WoW is not installed but Blizzard is running, but another Game.
WoW was never used.

Why is “World of Warcraft Online Gaming” a Traffic Type?

Why GW is showing it in the “Traffic Type” Tab?

In Apps is another Game of Blizzard shown but its not WoW. I can not find out when or why “World of Warcraft Online Gaming” was used. I miss some information about.

Can anybody explain it?


I’m not sure but I’m guessing the network traffic used by the other Blizzard game is similar to the technology used in Blizzard’s World of Warcraft. Therefore GlassWire shows the traffic as WOW traffic since the signature is the same.

That Signature ID can be the Reason…
but as i wrote, i use Blizzard regulary but not WoW.

And this Process is too little for regulary use - Size of 44MB
The other Game of Blizzard is use takes 235 MB in a Month.
Maybe its a Part of the Gaming GUI, maybe the Preloaded Screen or Something.

So…iam not sure…

Maybe its a Improve idea to add more informations about Traffic Types,
wich app use wich Types.



Thanks for your feedback on traffic types.