Sort/Column for "access time" on Firewall tab?

So sometimes things pop up, and I am not sure about them and allow them for example.
Then maybe in hindsight I think I should block it. When I go to the firewall tab, it is not clear how I can find which program last accessed / most recently asked to connect. Thus, I am unable to determine which one should be blocked, or reviewed more closely.

I have and Elite license, if that helps with the access to functionality of the software.


Thanks for your feedback. If it’s useful, there is also a search function built into the firewall with our latest update. There is a search glass icon at the top left of the columns next to “apps”.

Another way you can check this is to go to your alerts, or to click the app icon and choose “alerts” from the firewall screen.

A “last connection” column could be useful though, thanks for your feedback on that.