Sorting of Hosts Lists

This has been a frequent beef of mine but it appears this issue is still not fixed across all Hosts lists. Isn’t one of the features of Glasswire that the user should be able to see at a glance which hosts or programs are consuming the most data? The “Hosts” list that is available on many small dialogs showing hosts data transfer in GW still is not properly sorted by total data usage. Here is an example, on the Graph Tab: After positioning the graph cursor where it indicates data transfer on the displayed graph, click the small program icon that displays below the graph. Then in the resulting dialog box, click on any small program icon. Then in the NEXT resulting dialog box, click on the word “Hosts” on the top line of the dialog box. The resulting Hosts list is not sorted by total data transfer. Annoying!

That said, there are many Hosts lists that DO display the proper sorting order, however.



If you go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “About”, what version number of GlassWire do you have?

Thank you for the helpful and detailed report.

Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. Honestly, I am not too sure which GW version I’m running. The “About” box says 2.0.94 but the Control Panel Programs and Features says 2.0.98. I use Win7 Pro x64.


Ah, I think you’re using the beta we sent you? Thanks, we’ll get this fixed.

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