Speed Of Download, Confusion?

Hi Guys,
I wondered if someone could clear up a mystery I have.
I have a downloader program, which does not give you the speed of your downloads, so I have to consult windows or another Program which I have. Which I have included in the screenshot of it running at the side of GlassWire.
Windows indicates the download speed is 2.8 MB/s download and my program in the screenshot indicates Max Transfer rate as 2.9 MB/s download.
Where as GlassWire indicates the App ytb.exe is downloading at 124.3 MB/s
I am not getting my megabits and megabytes mixed up!
So, How can that be so?
Thank you….

What is the time period you have chosen on GlassWire’s graph? That will change what the numbers show, depending on the time period you choose.

Hi Ken,
If I am understanding the question correctly?
I had from the top menu on the right hand side, 5 minutes set for the time period .
Is that any help?

P:S… If there is a simpler way of getting the current download speed in real time from the app I am happy with that ?

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Thanks for your feedback on making the download speed easier to access in the app.