Stats folder takes up over 37GB

The stats folder in Glasswire is taking up over 37GB. I tried clearing history from the app, it did nothing to eliminate stats. Yes I have bittorrent running. Any help? I might just delete the folder at this point…

Keep in mind; without getting technical on the mater, consider that glasswire is a shell for for firewall inasmuch as windows 3.1 is a shell for dos.
One don’t tell anyone anything about what you’re downloading. Don’t know don’t really care don’t want to know.
Regardless of if you have Debian or Britney Spears bush downloading or game of thrones with BitTorrent you’ve got a massive amount of micro connections going. On anything popular. Even though logs are more or less text you’ve still got a massive amount.
I would suggest disconnecting from the net. Changing your log duration to something shorter, and running a cleaner such as ccleaner to delete your current logs.
Then reconnect.
Logging BitTorrent will always be an extensive option.


I recommend reinstalling GlassWire with the “clean” option that will wipe everything. Please let me know if that solves it.