[Steam] extra info in store page

in regards to this:
the store page for Glassware and their “DLCs” aka paid versions really lack some information.
on steam generally the most basic thing devs need to know is that players only can expect having steam DRM and it’s (almost non-existent) limitations (which is that only one instance can run on an online PC at the same time, but it can be installed on as many PCs as the player wants)
also obviously 3rd party eulas should (I dont know if the MUST be but they certainly SHOULD) be marked, or else some small problems may arise in certain regions where you need to be able to read the EULAs before purchase because without accepting it you (obviously) cannot use the product.
the Basic DLC already has this EULA marking inside the store, the other 2 and probably even the free would need this too if you ask me.

and then we come to the more important thing. as I read in said topic this software uses outside activation (outside meaning outside of steam) which then again has limitts on the number of machines it can be used, I would clearly call this a 3rd party DRM, and as I dont know the conditions for devs/publishers on the steam store but I certainly think that 3rd party DRMs should be marked.

this game for example can be activated on 3 machines and states so at the right on the store page in an orange box.

and this game has 3rd party eula, DRM and account in case an external account would be needed I think this really should be noted as wel (I dont know whether you need an outside account for glasswire but just thoring it in because it fits the topic)

for the links remove the - after the http, I cant post links yet, but I was asked to link the topic and show more clearly what I mean.

Hello @My1,

Thanks for trying GlassWire on Steam.

We made some modifications to GlassWire’s system so it works with Steam’s rules and so far we haven’t had anyone report any problems. Did you buy Basic and run into a limitation?

no but as I checked the differences the table clearly shows that the number of PCs is a point and as I checked the community I saw that there was outside activation.

I am very sceptical about non-games on steam so I check everything before even thinking of buying that stuff…

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I’ll study the examples you gave and discuss the problem with Steam and our team. Thank you for your feedback.

We are very sensitive about activations of GlassWire because there is nothing worse than buying and finding your code doesn’t work. It’s a terrible feeling to be unable to use the software you purchased.