Steam nonsteam key

if i buy a steam elite key can i get a key to use on (in theory 9 other computers) without installing steam ? Please :grinning:


Yes, Steam and normal keys are cross compatible. Thanks for considering upgrading!

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just got the Pro version from STEAM, 50% off
in the STEAM library you will find the key and it can be used on non-STEAM installs of GlassWire

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Don’t want to necro, but I was wondering if this is still true. I grabbed Glasswire about a month ago and I can’t throw the key I got into Steam – however I would really (really) love to.



Yes, just install the Steam version and click the “Activate” button in the top right part of the GlassWire window. It isn’t working for you?

Ah. I misread the thread and thought I could activate the key within Steam itself for the product.

Nevermind me then :slight_smile:

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