Steam vs Normal Install

Is there a difference between the steam version and regular version?
I noticed there was some difference in the interface, maybe version difference?

I ask because I had installed the regular version, and now I just bought the steam elite version.
Should i uninstall the regular version? or can I just activate that one?
Will there be any issues later?

I’ve installed on the other machines using steam.

I don’t want to lose the data on the macine with the regular version, if I uninstall and reinstall, will i loose the historical data?

I see in this thread (can’t put link ) steam-key-to-nonsteam-key/3806 that there should be no issue, but what about the data? Since the install paths are different (steam library vs program files)

I noticed there is a difference between the 2 versions.

From the glasswire website, it’s 2.0.8
and from steam its. 1.2.2121

And all my computers just crashed, when I updated to 2.0.8, I think there is a bug in there where you can’t mix the different versions in client/server. Can you please verify?
Also all my past history data was lost when upgrading!

Why isn’t the steam version up-to-date, should I just get rid of it and rely on manual updates? (i do prefer steam auto-update though)


Thanks for buying GlassWire on Steam.

GlassWire on Steam is still version 1.0, while on we just launched GlassWire 2. We will update GlassWire on Steam to 2 when we are sure it’s rock solid and ready for Steam users.

On Steam we will make GlassWire 2 so it’s optimized for gaming users and it won’t be exactly like 2.0 on

The good news is that GlassWire codes are cross compatible, so if you purchased GlassWire on Steam you can use the code on GlassWire 1 or 2 from All GlassWire 1.0 paying customers on Steam or get a FREE upgrade to 2.0.

About the crashing… We did not anticipate Steam users would somehow try to upgrade to GlassWire 2 without using Steam so we never tested for that scenario. Sorry we did not think of this.

If any other Steam users are reading this we’ll hope you’ll wait until GlassWire 2 is on Steam to upgrade, or be sure and remove GlassWire completely from your PC and do a “clean” install option with our installer.

I apologize for any problems or inconvenience.


another issue i’ve discovered is unsusually high cpu usage on 1 of the machines (works fine on the other)

Even after stopping service same issue


Is that machine running something like Bittorrent, or does it have some unusual network activity shown in GlassWire where GlassWire has to keep up with thousands of simultaneous hosts? If so try switching to GlassWire’s top left Incognito mode while using Bittorrent.

GlassWire’s job is to track your hosts and if you are connecting to thousands of hosts simultaneously it’s going to work hard to try to do this job for you, so it will use a lot of CPU, unless you tell GlassWire it can take a break by turning on Incognito mode.

a restart fixed the issue, must have something to do with that.

I found another issue, is that the mini graph does not work well on High DPI displays, or maybe that requires a restart as well? At least in v2.0.0.8 , it seems to work well in v1.