Stop the harassment

I keep getting interrupted by GW asking me to create an account to get new features. I don’t see why I should.
Furthermore, following the various posts, it is not certain that my privacy is guaranteed on this new site.
So for the moment it’s a no.
GW is not essential for me as I use another FW.
If this continues I will uninstall it.

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GlassWire developers are aware of the complaints:

For now you can download the old 2.3.449 version:

I downgraded from version 3.0.474 and didn’t have any issues so far keeping my old database.

I agree fully. The nag pop-up is not what I expect from a commercial product. If this popup does not stop I will cancel before I have to pay again. Also I actually tried to login using the popup, I was not able to enter the correct password and a request to sent an email to reset the password was not successful after many tries. Not good enough. Uninstallation soon.

Hi @telegramme and @Ian_W,

Thank you @Thinking for pointing to where this has already been address.

I would like to confirm that we have taken on the feedback, and we are removing the login pop up and replacing with a login button.

Secondly, data processing is necessary to enable functionality of a couple of the new features. However, we are also building a feature which will allow you to opt out of data processing if you so wish.

Both of the above are currently being built and will be released in the next couple of weeks.