Stopped blocking

Glasswire stopped blocking on every choice (ask to connect, block all and click to block), uninstalled from control panel then reinstalled clean option still the problem wasn’t solved.
i’m using win 10 glasswire basic latest version.


Are you a paid or free user?

Are you using another firewall with GlassWire simultaneously?

i already said basic which is paid and no i’m not using another firewall.


Sorry, I missed that “Basic” part. It’s rare for GlassWire to suddenly stop blocking so I thought perhaps you did not realize blocking was a paid feature. I apologize.

Are you unable to turn the firewall to “On” at all?

I recommend going to add/remove programs and uninstall GlassWire, then go to your Windows Firewall control panel and choose “restore defaults” then reboot.

Now reinstall GlassWire using the “clean install” and “reset firewall” option.

Now please try to block something like your browser while the firewall is set to “On” and let us know if it solved it.

firewall is on, and as i said i already did that.
did you read what i wrote!
next thing you will ask me which version i’m using and what is my os.

Hello, try going into your Windows firewall and check to see if Windows firewall is blocking Glasswire. Sometimes that can happen. :slight_smile:


It should make no difference if Windows Firewall is blocking GlassWire, and that is not a thing that sometimes happens that I have heard about.

GlassWire can make itself block itself but it should cause no issues with GlassWire’s blocking ability.


Please try the recommended instructions above. I re-read your post and it currently does not say your firewall was able to be set to “On”. Things can be blocked by the UI even if your firewall is set to “Off”. I apologize for any confusion.

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it’s allowed and service inbound