Stopping ISATAP and high Chrome usage

Hi, I am a new WG user so bear with me as I am not very computer savy either. I keep getting alerts that something listed as “Microsoft ISATAP adapter” is being added and then removed repeatedly from my computer. Each day since I installed WG, I see it happening several times a day. I looked up ISATAP and found out it could be removed safely and that I should remove any extra copies of it, which I did using my control panel, but it keeps coming back. Is there a way to stop it from loading or should I even be worried.

I started using WG because of problems I have been having with very slow page loading with Google Chrome. I have been using the firewall to block different programs to see if they are causing the problem but still I have to wait for up to 10 minutes for some pages to load like a search results page or sites I have been to repeatedly. I have done several malware scans with Malwarebytes, Windows Malicious software removal, CC cleaner, and Avast, which have found nothing. When I check the WG firewall screen, I have noticed that both Google chrome and Windows Host services are listed as the top users of my bandwidth with both showing up to 900 B/s or even K/s of useage at times. They also show other hosts running through or with them, sometimes up to 20.

Since I cannot firewall block them and still use my computer, what should I do to keep these two processes from hogging my computer and slowing it down? I have Windows 7 on a three year old Toshiba satellite laptop.

Does Chrome show high bandwidth usage even when you aren’t using it? If so does it show what hosts it is connecting to?

Maybe try uninstalling Chrome, then doing a clean install.

For ISATAP I’m not sure why this would constantly be changing. Did you try running Windows update to see if that would help? What Windows version are you using?

ISATAP comes with Win 7 it is used for IPv4 to IPv6 translation in a home computer with no business network connections you do not need it . It has been blamed in the past for slowing down computers unless you have recently installed a device that requires it -un-install it. AS regards slow page turning in Chrome -empty your Chrome cache using your CCleaner if that doesnt cure it ,it is possibly a bad Windows update or a plug-in/add-on -remove the plug-ins/add-ons one at a time ,if still not cured ,download Firefox install and run it to your favorite website see how fast it works and report back. For those reading this with computer knowledge =open command prompt -windows ip configure to check then input -netsh interface IPv6 isatap set state disabled.AAHH !! I forgot to add a known Chrome fault that causes this -disable HARDWARE ACCELERATION .

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I tried using a different browser, in my case I already had IE installed so I turned to it and when it ran quickly like it should that told me that it was either my G. Chrome or Google search that is at fault. I was considering uninstalling Chrome and then reinstalling it but I am afraid that might erase my favorites, contacts, or other important settings. I did go to the Windows Chrome help page and forum and after reading some tips and posts there, I decided to run their Chrome Cleanup tool. It seems to have helped with my connections being much faster today.

In GW it still shows on the firewall page that Google Chrome is using from 0 to over 500 B/s with Windows Host services doing the same. It also shows in the small grey box that GC is running some 30 different hosts which is much less than it was yesterday when the number climbed to over 100 at times. I don’t recognize the host names like “” or “” but there seems to be no way to block individual ones with the firewall only Chrome itself. Duncan, you say to remove any plug-ins or add ons one at a time to check them, so how do I do that? I haven’t added any apps to my browsers and don’t have any other bars installed except for the Google search and bookmark bars.

I am running Windows 7 Home premium and it was updated on the 18th. I only allow the important updates and it has to ask my permission before updating. I had noticed that I have not been getting notices about Windows updates lately so I went to their site and ran the update myself on the 18th. Right now everything seems to be running as it should and at a good speed so maybe the Chrome cleanup tool did the trick. Thanks again for your help.

Maybe there is a toolbar with Chrome you could remove? Check this and it says it may be an ad website.

Tiger if you click on the 3 horizontal lines at the top right of your browser you should see =extensions -click on that to see what is installed .

Google Chrome Update Service is unwanted extension categorized as Adware, don’t provide any way to delete it on Extensions page. That happens because the extension abuses Group Policy settings of your computer and makes itself “installed by administrator”. However, it is possible to [remove Google Chrome Update Service] from Google Chrome and/or from computer.

Google Chrome Update Service is not adware. It updates Google Chrome browser, and I think it’s currently the most used web browser in the world.

Am I misunderstanding something, or why did you say Google Chrome Update Service is adware or unwanted?

Not updating your browser for security fixes can be dangerous for your PC and I believe the Google Chrome Update Service updates your Chrome browser.

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