Stopping update messages


I have Glasswire version 1.0.38b and I get at least 6 update requests every day to update to 1.1.15
I don’t want to update, I love how this works right now, is there any way of preventing these update notices?


You can make GlassWire block itself, but then you won’t get suspicious host updates.


Aha. I should have known. This program was never free, it was free-as-long-as-you-don’t-mind-that-we-pester-the-living-daylights-out-of-you-until-you-pay-up.
The idea of this kind of business model was probably originated by someone who thought that appearing to be kind and trustworthy is the best way to suck people in and then demand money from them.
To be very honest, Glasswire isn’t worth anywhere close to the ridiculous sum you’re asking for it anyway.


The update request asks you to update the software to the latest version, it does not ask you to pay anything. We spent a lot of time working on the new software version so it would not be annoying or pester our users who did not want to pay anything. We have no ad banner, pop-up, or any type of annoying notifications to ask people to pay.

The new version of GlassWire still has the same exact functionality as the original free version and you don’t have to pay anything. We added new paid features that are extra and separated from our original free features. At on our homepage we always showed that we planned to make a paid version of the software so it would not be a surprise to anyone when it happened.

If you don’t feel our software has any value then don’t pay. You’re welcome to use the free version of GlassWire indefinitely.


There appears to be some delay between the availability of a new update and when the update message appears. Is the delay to prevent people being bothered by the update message, as this user was? What is the delay?

I noticed that it has taken about three weeks for the update message to appear on one of my computers. I’ve never seen one of these messages before so I assume that I’ve always been updating within the period when GlassWire does not advise of updates:
4 July installed GlassWire 1.2.71 on first computer
23 July received update message on second computer running 1.2.70 since 30 June.


Once the updates go out most users should see them within 48 hours, unless they have made GlassWire block itself from accessing the network. In that case you may never see an update message.

We don’t turn on the update alert messages until GlassWire has been out for a couple weeks and we feel comfortable the latest update is stable.


Ok, thanks for the info.


Doesn’t matter … you’ll do better addressing the customers’ concern rather than being rude and indifferent by suggesting “then don’t pay” which appears to counter your business objective. That doesn’t help anyone.

At the very least, the update notices are much too frequent in my opinion. Regardless of the reason, Glassware, while a premium product, is the #1 “nag ware” on my computer. I am certainly not going to pay for that. If you are satisfied with that, then I’ll have to consider just removing it … I got along without it for decades so I can do without it again. I’m sure a competitor will arrive eventually and offer a good product with customer service better than a “take or leave it” attitude.

Or, you can address you customers’ concerns in a positive, proactive approach which should help everyone.

So there … that’s my two cents … “take it or leave it”!


@Anon We are working on automatic updates. Our next major update in October will not have this but we’ll add it soon after. Sorry for the delay.


What others pointed out before me is that it’s really annoying that a Glasswire notification pops up every time I switch on my computer. NO OTHER program does this! Glasswire is a helpful program that I want to run quietly in the background. I only want to use it every once in a while and really doesn’t need to be bothered with updates every single day. No, I don’t want to update it. So why don’t you, the developers just add an option to the Settings menu that switches off this popup notification OR add the option to the notification to choose “Do not remind me again” OR simply just notify about available updates when I open the program (which sounds the best)? There are several more user friendly options, please implement one of them.
I do appreciate the developers’ work, I do appreciate that a free version is available but the developers must understand that these frequent popup messages bother users. At this point, I’m about to remove Glasswire if the developers don’t change the program’s update notification mode really soon.



We agree 100% and we are working on a solution.


Is there still no solution to this? I am currently running version 1.2.102 and I get this notification every time I turn on my PC…



If you update you will not see the notification anymore. You can also make GlassWire block itself, but you won’t get suspicious host updates either.


Thank you very much!


I have rolled back to the old version (v1), as v2 for some reason uses a lot of disk IO and slows down my PC considerably. V1 is so smooth in comparison to v2, it’s completely lag free. If I put my PC into sleep or hibernate mode, v2 would start making my PC run slower overtime.

I don’t really miss any of the new features in v2, so I’m fine with staying on v1 forever. The only problem is that it keeps nagging me to update to a new version, and blocking Glasswire itself doesn’t stop the update prompt. Is there a way to completely stop this? Via a hostfile entry or something? And can I prevent the glasswire update, without losing the suspicious hostfile entry feature as mentioned a couple of comments above?




GlassWire 1 is no longer supported, but we will have a 2.0 update out next week that should help with your disk usage. Thanks.