Strange activity I can see on my remote pc but not locally

These weren’t there a few days ago but when I look back they are there. Tons of unsigned apps that are just numbers, their hosts are 1000s of akami, windows update and other seemingly normal hosts. What is actually happening? I’m worried it’s malicious, scanning now but not sure what to look for really.

This is not something I have seen before. Perhaps this page is helpful?

After some sleuthing I found that the exes all are actual programs, the name was lost somehow and a number assigned to them, not sure why. But I could look at the data and hosts and match it on the other machine, that still had the programs listed. I ended up reinstalling glasswire and it hasn’t done it again.

Sorry for the issue, perhaps our database was corrupted somehow.

It struck me as strange because on that computer everything appeared fine. It was the remote system that I was using to view activity where the issue appeared, I’d think they pull info from the same place. So somewhere between the local machine and the remote it lost the name of the programs, all of the connection data was correct, just the names appeared as numbers. I’ll watch closely and see if it happens again.