Strange behavior on a Tablet (also a high memory problem?

On the new 1.2.79 on a little tablet, after some time, the tablet stutter and is extremly slow, the taskmanager shows a CPU of 10-30% and Memory usage about 90%, so I think, the tablet will swap memory, with the 1.2.74 (where all works fine), the Memory usage is only about 60-70%.

The Glasswire service has shown in the taskmanager on the old version round about 12MB, the new one about 55MB, not so much more, but apparently relevant.

The Network Tab shows on the old version 1 PC, in the new one over 900 (company wifi), maybe that is the problem?

Thanks, Cimba


Please contact our helpdesk We may have a version you can test. Please link to this thread.

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