Strange characters in the name of some apps


pls take a look at the screenshot. I´m running GW on Windows 8.1 and I do see these strange names since earlier versions. I compared some of these popups in GW with Sysinternals Process Explorer and I could identify very long instance names of the respective apps. In Process Explorer they seemed to refer to “legal” apps, but how GW displays this makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. Do you have some eplanation?

Thx in advance!


PS: I tried to upload a screenshot, but as a new user I am not allowed.

Are you using a Microsoft Surface by chance? Please email our helpdesk the screenshot if possible.


thank you for your quick response.
No, I´m using Windows 8.1 on a “normal” notebook computer.

Do you have an email address where I can send the screenshot?

Best & thanks!

Just sent the screenshot to the helpdesk (email removed by GlassWire).

Thx & best.

Got it. We’ll try to fix this in the next update.

Please see the attached photo. Can you tell us what your system locale is?