Suggested Forum changes

I would like to see some changes in the forum here. Namely a new column to the left of the topic in the suggestion area. It would either contain an icon or a few words. The columns reason for existence would be to indicate the suggestions state. The states would be, New Suggestion, Rejected, Considering, In progress, and Implemented. How many of the current suggestions in the suggestions area have already been suggested before? This would also let others know the state of the suggestion as well.

As I am new to the forums here and the software itself, I am trying to read through everything. I Have suggestions of my own and am trying to read through things and seeing a few suggestions replicated is a bothersome waste of my time as I have ideas to post but, want to read others ideas to see if mine have already been suggested.

After cruising the forum some more, I noticed that there needs to be a new column in help area designating status of help requests. Suggested states: Solved, New Help Request, Checking, More Details Needed.

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Thanks for your feedback. We use a third party forum software called Discourse that’s a little different than other forums. We’ll keep trying to improve how it’s setup.

There is a Feature Voting plug-in for Discourse which might be useful to address @ViroMad’s request for further information about suggestions. Others including myself have also asked for something like this.

The Feature Voting plug-in has a specific category allocated to list the features. The list would be curated to ensure there was no double-up although there will always be features that overlap or require shared infrastructure.

Thanks. We will discuss it. The main problem is that users may think we plan to revolve our development around this voted list, but right now we’re a bit backed up with GlassWire 2.0 so I’m afraid we would not be able to do so.

Maybe we can add it later after our current roadmap is up to date.

If we had this cool list and didn’t follow it at all I’m afraid everyone would be very disappointed.

I can understand your reluctance but it would be a useful tool to see which features attract the most user support.

I think that one big issue that we users have right now is that there is no roadmap for us to follow. If there was an actual roadmap - just a topic with the next main version number and a list of planned features would do - then it would take a lot of the uncertainty away.

Right now, we don’t have any idea what features are on the roadmap and when they will actually be implemented. Instead, the latest 1.2.96 release included one of the more useful new features but I had no idea it was coming. And Version 2.0 will be a year later than we were originally told.

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Yes, sorry for the delay. Making the UI work for high resolution monitors was more complex than we anticipated but once it’s done we can move quickly again.

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I think that happiness would greatly exceed the occasional disappointment. I just leapt for joy at the announcement of the features to be developed in the next version of Discourse. I’m sure that I’d be just as excited with a similar announcement here.

Have you seen the Discourse version topics? They post the features and then check them off as they are developing them. This provides a simple progress update during the five months or so of development for each release. At least one feature will be developed each month so even if progress is slow we can still see it is moving.

All the releases are topics in the Releases category. There are:

  • the completed releases
  • the currently developed release showing progress (see the checkmarks :white_check_mark:) e.g.
  • the next release. This topic is created about a month before the current development release is completed so everyone can have a say before the planned features are finalised e.g.


I put together the Survey this week on SurveyMonkey so I am changing my tune a bit here on this, but I still need to think more. I don’t like competitors having public access to our feature plans and user feedback. We are small, so when big companies can view all this info it can hurt us.

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