Suggestion: Ability to highlight & copy firewall log information

Suggest new features and other improvements for GlassWire.

Please allow for highlighting and copying firewall log information as seen in the image:


Good catch. I’ll post to the dev team so we can add this soon.

Running v1.2.7 1b. This still is not implemented.

We spent a lot of time on this and our next major update will have this fix. Don’t worry, it’s not forgotten. I also want this for myself.


Still waiting for this feature. Currently 1.2.79 does not have it yet.

1.2.79 is a minor update rather than the “major update” @Ken_GlassWire referred to. Lots of us are waiting for version 2.0 which is a major redesign of many features including the user interface.


Looks like verison 1.2.118 has this implimented! Or did the earlier version have this and I just missed it?

Looking at the Usage tab, clicking on an item in the Hosts section, I can then right click on the IP or host and am given the option to Copy. Much better!


My mistake. Glasswire 2.0.80 still does not have this function as seen in the propsed image.


Click on the host you want, then right click it and a “copy” text will appear, then click “copy”.

Click on the host you want, then right click it and a “copy” text will appear, then click “copy”.

Not everywhere. GO to Usage > Apps > Hosts. You cannot copy hosts there.


We will add the ability to copy hosts there. Thanks for pointing that out.

Great feature! Just found it when I read your post…

Still not available in Usage > Apps > Hosts Any idea when this will get added?

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We are slowly adding copying/pasting back anywhere it’s missing, and I made sure our team knows it’s still missing the ability at this specific place so we can add it soon. Thanks!

It won’t be on the next release, but I think we can do it on the one after.

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