[Suggestion] Clear selective data

It’d be nice if we could delete history selectively. For example, I’d like to remove all alerts and usage history, but leave the usage (amount of data downloaded) intact.

Great app btw, I’m switching from another app.

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Thanks. We have thought about this quite a bit but we’re not sure how to do it without it being confusing. We’ll keep thinking about how it could work from a usability perspective.

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:+1: [Yep – thumbs up!]

@Ken_GlassWire Has this feature been added yet? I see incognito mode… but its all apps and doesn’t let you cleanup specific sites after the fact.
I see two purposes for this feature

  1. Resetting a counter for a site to treat it as new such as after you make a network other application change
  2. Cleaning up general usage history selectively for the purposes general confidentiality.


You can go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “settings” then “clear history”. You can choose to clear all but “last day” and “last week” if you don’t want to clear everything.

In the firewall you can mouse over an app name and a small “x” will appear that lets you remove that app from the firewall.

Making a UI to clear certain app data from just single apps at certain time periods sounds quite complex to make, (on the UI side) and to be honest I think we have only had these three requests for this feature since 2014.

And as you said we do have the Incognito feature. Find the app you want to be Incognito on the firewall. Mouse over the app icon and choose “More” then “Incognito” and the app data no longer appears in the graph. https://www.glasswire.com/userguide/#GlassWire_Menu