[Suggestion] click-through mode for mini viewer

I recently started using Glasswire and noticed that it has the mini viewer network traffic monitor which I previously used DUmeter for. Glasswire looks much sleeker and is a maintained product so naturally I switched over.

The only thing that is missing now which honestly breaks the functionality for me since I leave it jammed up in the upper-right corner of my screen is that there is no click-through mode so I can still access my minimize/exit button and whatever else is at the upper-right corner of the screen.
Is there any plan to add this in the near future? If not, can it be? Thanks!


I am not sure if Windows has an official system for clicking through a UI of another application or not. I have not seen this myself.

The mini viewer does have the option to “keep on top” or not. Click the small settings icon right next to its top right X to close the app and there are some options there in case you missed them.

Thanks for your feedback.

Yes I saw that option but as I stated I like to keep the window at the top right of my screen and to be able to click through it (as is the case with DUmeter) eliminates a lot of annoyance involved with keeping the window there.

Are you saying because Windows 10 doesn’t have this function it will not be possible to add this feature to glassware?

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We tend to stick to official APIs because we have found if you implement hacks, the hacks will suddenly break in the future (with a Windows or Android update) and you’ll have a lot of people who are suddenly very angry with you about your software “breaking” when it’s actually not your fault at all…

If there is some official way to implement this with Windows though we’ll consider it.

Perhaps there is an official way out there that we don’t know about. I agree it would be useful!