Suggestion: Log user actions as alerts

There are a number of user actions in GlassWire that I would like to see logged because they are significant and I don’t want to have to remember what I did when it comes to analyzing what has happened in the past.

There are alerts that appear as consequences of some of these actions but it would be much easier for me to know why they occurred rather than having to guess what I did back then.

For example, if I am trying to work out why I’m getting a lot of “Internet access changed” alerts it would be good to differentiate those initiated by me (e.g. Block all) from those caused by other events. Otherwise I might think that there is some relationship between a group of past alerts and the current set of new alerts caused by some other problem.

Log user actions as alerts?

It makes sense to me to record these as alerts because there could also be a setting to enable or disable the recording of these events.

User actions that could be logged

There are two levels to each of these user actions e.g. “Firewall status changed” versus more detail with “Firewall on” & “Firewall off”

  1. Firewall status: On, Off

  2. Firewall control: Click to Block, Ask to Connect, Block All

  3. Settings > Clear history: All, Keep last week, Keep last day

  4. Settings > Enable tray notifications: On, Off

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Thanks for your feedback. We’ll consider adding more actions/alerts in the future.