Suggestion - Multihost viewer with configured timeline and custom bandwith scale

Actually, we could see two computers on “server” (local and remote host), but, when we could add… 20… 60… 100 hosts? That vertical space where we see the host and its timeline could no be enough to see 15 or more hosts… a scrool bar is terrible because we couldn’t monitor in “real time” the rest of them. So, my suggestion is at least 2 kinds of view, one is the already used by default (by the way, it’s nice! ) and another viewer could be something like Tiles (windows 8/10), with few informations… only graphics… using existent timeline and custom bandwith for all host on this view… why?

Ex. Normally we have the same link for all sites… or same subnet… when the graphic is auto adjustment i can’t monitor on my visual my bandwidth consumption…


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Great ideas, thank you! We are working on adding the ability for users to hide certain apps/traffic from the graph too.