Suggestion: Network Display

Boy does your Network display suck! No offense! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You have this beautiful graphical program and then simply provide a list (yeah, you do put boxes around the devices – big deal). [sarcasm off]

Ok, I really do like Glasswire and despite the issue I’m having with remote monitoring, I’ll stick with it and try to help with some ideas – some simple, some not so simple. A simple one on Network is that you should show my device – the one I’m running Glasswire on with an indication that it is the monitoring device.

More complex (and to the point) I think you need to develop a really nice graphical network map display. Look at Netgear Genie for a nice display that still could use a lot of work. I want to be able to customize the display. It should use whatever computername is already set or allow me to add a name that is meaningful. The ip address could be on the top level also or popup on cursor rollover. Clicking on the device in the display should pop an info window with all the other info including the MAC and Manufacturer and anything else your or your customers want to show.

Alerts could use some work too, but I’ll open another Suggestion for that.


We’re currently working on improving the “Network” tab. We’re going to rename it, plus make it easier to use and understand. I’ll check out Netgear Genie, thanks!

Right now we’re using a Windows API to get the data but we’re looking at other options to get more accurate results.

Great, thanks Ken. I actually figured you had something in the works. BTW, Genie also runs as an Android app.