Suggestion:Normalized Mini-Graph scaling

Could you please add an option to the mini-graph (best would be a button on the graph itself to toggle) to allow normalized graph scaling accross multiple servers.

Currently each graph scales according to its peak traffic to fit all data. However this does only allow to compare per server traffic over time.

With normalized scaling, if enabled, all graphs will use teh same scaling which would be equal to the server with the highest data rate. This will allow to quickly identify any server with abnormal high traffic comparted to the other servers at anytime.

In an example where one server transfers 100 kB/sec and the other 10 MB/sec currenttly boith graphs will roughly look alike as both graphs will be scaled to max their respective peaks, In normalized mode however the graph of the server with 100kB/sec will be 10 times lower than the one of 10MB/sec allowing easy detection of the high data rate.

Since the graph on the servers with low data rate would be hardly readable it would be best to have th enormalized mode switch on/off available directly on the min-graph


Thank you for your feedback. We’ll discuss your idea to find ways to improve mini-graph scaling in the future.