[Suggestion] Transparency/Opacity UI Terminology

I’d loved Glasswire implemented my suggestion to include “bits/bytes option” to graph in last update so here comes another suggestion:

  • As designer, I have to alert that Transparency and Opacity are oposite concepts. While visibility increase with high OPACITY, high TRANSPARENCY decrease visibility.

Thanks for all the great features. Keep doing this amazing job


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I am glad you enjoy the bits/byte option.

We will discuss the terminology for opacity. Personally I feel afraid to change it because people understand the concept of transparency, but opacity is not as clear, especially for non-native English speakers. To me I feel like it meets the definition of transparency but perhaps I need to study opacity more.

Hi, Ken. Thanks for your attention.

It’s not needed to change the word, but % values.

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OK, I think I get it now. I will discuss it with our team.