[Suggestions] [Android] make use of the VPN trick


I’ve been using Glasswire pro for 2 months now, and I found the VPN trick used by Glasswire (to act as a firewall) under exploited.

Using Glasswire (firewall) means not being able to use an external VPN or app acting as a VPN for another purpose.

My suggestions are big features not supported by Glasswire.

The first one, I think must be the easiest to implement, is an ad blocker : since the use of ad blockers that take advantage of the VPN is not possible with Glasswire, it would be great if Glasswire could do it. This would mean having a list in a file (called host) with a list of addresses to redirect to a dummy address. And of course, a way to update the list.

The second one is way more complicated, and might take years to develop and even change the Glasswire market a bit. Because it uses the Android VPN features, why not featuring a VPN ?

Those both features have a common goal : Glasswire VPN could be always on, and users wouldn’t have to disable it when another app is necessary. Also this is not my case, but I’m thinking about people living in countries a VPN is necessary to access the world : Glasswire firewall feature just can’t be used.

Sorry for the long post, I understand those are big feature and I don’t even expect those to be implemented. Those were just suggestions.

Have a nice day !

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