Suspicious device

Hi, I am sharing the internet from my android mobile device with USB to the computer.

When I scanned the Things with glassware this seems to pop constantly on the list.
I have a VPN installed both of the devices but I don’t think this could be it, and it’s not Wireshark eighter.
I have Malwarebytes av premium wich has real time protection on the phone it could scan the network but this issue was before I installed it.

( i am the .135) After Wireshark packet sniffing I saw this, "06:4e:02:f7:68:05 MS-NLB-PHYSSERVER-(My mac) ARP Who has Tell

I don’t know is it normal someone smarter could tell I don’t have any other devices connected than pc.

I tried to scan the mac but didn’t find anything. These scans go by often from the .129
It might be that I am sweating for no reason, but thanks already for the replies on this topic.


Both the IP addresses seem to be private IP addresses that are only on your network.

You wrote “When I scanned the Things with glassware this seems to pop constantly on the list.”

Did you forget to post the device name? The name of the device might help me figure out what it is. Or are you saying the device name is this “physserver” and you don’t know what that one is, or is it the “My mac” device?

Oh, i think i should write these in first place mb.

The dns of the device that i was concerned about was “go. microsoft. com”

“My mac” device is my phone. To be precise it is note 9 by samsung.

Maybe the ARP check you saw with Wireshark was GlassWire checking your ARP tables to make our “Things” list? If you run a manual scan by pressing our “scan” button do you see the same thing?

As far as the device name on the network I am not 100% sure I know which device name you are worried about. What is the device name you’re worried about?

Sorry if I am confused.