Suspicious "home" connections all the time

basically glasswire reports that my device communicated suspiciously almost all the time, when i check the details it shows the adress “home” and the process windows service host


it seems it’s detecting windows services pinging home (allegedly) as suspicious or is there something else going on? i just don’t want to see suspicious connections if they aren’t actually suspicious and risk getting desensitized to it for when there’s actual suspicious traffic

The icon indicates “home” is a device on your LAN. Being unfamiliar with your language, I’m thinking the other is “Host Process for Windows Services” (svchost.exe).

In the Things screen, identify what “home” is.

In the Usage page,

  1. select Apps and click on each app until you find the one(s) where “home” shows up under Hosts and Traffic Type and
  2. select Traffic and click on each type for additional detail for “home.”

Where the VirusTotal presents, use that. From GW’s /UserGuide/#Security page: “If you find a suspicious looking host GlassWire can show you more details about that host. Click the (…) three dot menu after the host name then choose ‘search online’ to learn more about a host from our host information system.”

You could query your choice of search engine with something like “why is my [device] connecting to [IP or host] with [traffic type]?”

Alternatively, if your skill set is capable, a packet sniffer should reveal the information you need to address the issue(s).

And given a capable skill set, svchost.exe can be examined with Process Explorer.