System file hosts changed alert

Have received two alerts about changes to the system file hosts. However, the content does not appear to be altered and the modification date is not recent. I have changed content in the past and it’s difficult to edit and save changes to these files. Is Glasswire comparing the current file to a release template of the file or did it detect a file write?


If you go to our top left menu and choose “About”, what version of GlassWire do you use?

Hi - i have gotten 17 ‘system file “hosts” changed’ notifications in the last 24 hours. 1 every hour. Have checked that file in the system32/drivers/etc directory and it has changed each time. But the file is all commented out (opening it with notepad).

Any ideas?

I have the most recent version of Glasswire. It seems to be reporting this correctly. Just not sure why the sudden change and why this file is changing hourly.

W10 Famille - 21H1 - 19043.1645 / GW Basic 2.3.397 (FW Off)

This alert had already appeared on my PC on February 22:

since then nothing and again today.

My hosts file contains no useful data, only lines with # in the first position.

on May 11, 11 alerts “System file hosts changed”

I have a similar problem. I receive the same alerts but every hour. Each time I check the hosts file and it’s a little shorter as if characters are being deleted each hour. Why is Glasswire not displaying which application is modifying it?

Every hour Glasswire alert says HOSTS file was changed.
Every hour there are characters disappearing from the default microsoft comment (I never touched hosts)
I also use Bitdefender like @telegramme , but this issue has started only today.
I thought Adobe Acrobat DC might be responsible, but after wiping all traces of Adobe, there are still alerts every hour.
Process monitor doesn’t show anything suspicious other than your usual windows stuff, except for Bitdefender Vulnerability Scanner accessing the Hosts file multiple times at one point, and it does seem to successfully write.
I’m really hoping this is the source of the problem

I have had email exchanges with BitDefender support about this.
Their answer was completely unbelievable: BD works normally.
They therefore recommend to disable the BD control of the Hosts file:
• Open the Bitdefender main window and select the Protection section
• Click Open under Vulnerability
• Click the Settings Tab and disable the Scan hosts file

You can also make the file read-only by logging in under the admin account of your PC.