System tray icon on Windows 10 doesn't update after clearing alerts

Glasswire doesn’t seem to update the systray icon even after I clear all alerts. Restarting the program makes it display correctly.
Any ideas on how to fix it ?
I am using Glasswire 1.2.96 on Windows 10 x64.


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If you exit GlassWire and restart it, does it fix it?

yes restarting does fix it .

I have found sometimes when installing new software with Windows that the Windows tray will temporarily keep the old software icon there. This seems to happen with all software, not just ours.

@Ken_GlassWire, this this is the same problem that I reported last year. It has been a continuing issue since version 1.2.61b.

When alerts are cleared, the count remains on the icon. The easiest way I found to clear it is to Exit GlassWire using the GlassWire menu and then run GlassWire again.

This is not an install issue.

Oops, sorry I thought it was part of Windows. I will let the team know, thanks!

Is this going to be ever fixed or not? I know it’s not a serious bug, but it’s still really annoying.


I’m not able to recreate this. If you go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “About” what version are you running? Sorry for the problem.

I have had this problem for every update of GlassWire since my first report. Latest Windows 10 Home and Pro.

Maybe I am not understanding this. Can someone post a screenshot? Is it the bottom right notification area (small GlassWire icon by the Windows date/time) where you see this or somewhere else?

There are screenshots in the earlier thread:

Sorry @Remah, I should have noticed that. I will bring this problem to the attention of the team.

I had this problem forever. And for unrelated reasons I uninstalled Glasswire. I was using the free version. About a week later I acquired a license , reinstalled and this problem doesn’t happen anymore. Maybe this will help track down the issue.

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