Takes xx minutes before being able to switch back Firewall modes

When I am changing the Firewall mode from “Ask to connect” to “Click to Block” it works immediately. However if in 1 minute or less I want to switch back then it doesn’t allow me.

Same happens if I change from “Click to Block” to “Ask to connect” and then try to change back.

It only allows setting the mode back 10-15 minutes later.

Hmm I tried to change my “click to block” to “ask to connect” only once before, but I do remember I couldn’t go back straight away as the button was disabled, so after a short while I came back and it did let me switch back, I’ll try to test it again today and see if it acts the same

I’ve been doing this with only a short delay all week. I tried it again just now and I could change it back within a 10 seconds.

I suspect that there is a time delay to make all the changes in the Windows Firewall. If that is true, then a slow computer with many applications will take longer but 10 minutes seems excessive.

One other user reported this problem a couple of years ago so it might be worthwhile following the same advice. That user never responded so I assume it resolved their problem:

I will ask our quality assurance team to try to recreate this. Thanks for your detailed reports.