Teamviewer communicating with random device on the network

This seems to randomly trigger on and off, and this phone does not have teamviewer. Any ideas?

It’s more likely that TeamViewer is installed if GlassWire is identifying a TeamViewer process which is running on your computer. You may not have installed it but there is malware that does.

Use VirusTotal to check the file for the “TeamViewer 13” process that GlassWire has detected. It is possible that it is a trojan (named as TeamViewer but actually a different program) but I think it is more likely to be legitimate TeamViewer.

You can check the process list in Windows Task Manager to see what is running. But TeamViewer can also be installed as a Windows service so you might also need to check the service list in the Services tab of Task Manager.

TeamViewer also has more than one application another possibility is that the main Host application is not installed but that another one is, e.g. Teamviewer Support to control your phone from a PC.

You could also check out what is installed by referring to the instructions to completely uninstall TeamViewer.