Terminal Server blowup fyi

I totally understand that we’re in beta mode.

I have a Terminal server with 30 users. At the firewall, I"m whitelisting the internet, which means the users can only get to *.org, *.edu, and *.gov. Users cannot get to image sites, cookie monitoring sites, seo monitoring etc. This machine is fairly quiet with regard to network traffic.

I installed Glasswire on the Terminal Server and it ran for a few weeks. Lately Glasswire was eating up the processor, so I had to bounce the machine and uninstall glasswire so I could get the users back online.

The terminal server is a virtual machine running w2k8r2 64 bit


Sorry to hear about this problem and thank you for reporting it. Also we appreciate your other posts and feedback on the forum very much!

If you clear out the history and restart GlassWire does it help?

@scoho Does they patch the issue? I was reallly looking to install this on a Terminal server :slightly_smiling:

This post was from 2014. GlassWire is more stable now and less resource intensive. We’re currently rewriting GlassWire completely to make it use even less resources and that update should be out early next month.