Text size on large monitor

Has there been any progress on making text size larger? I really like glasswire but the text size is so small on my 65" 4k tv monitor that I cannot read it. My other desktop is on 1920x1080 res and I can read it.

Our 2.0 update that is coming will solve this problem. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your feedback.

I too find the text way too small and faint on a large screen from a distance.When will 2.0 update be available ,as its been over 6 months since you mentioned it was coming?. Will font size be adjustable?

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Yes, I think it will be adjustable. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience.

Same here, but on a laptop. I just can’t read the text it is so small. I have just updated to 1.2.109 (I think it is)

I got the 2.0 upgrade and I’m still not seeing where I can change the text size. It’s quite frustrating and sometimes totally impossible trying to read it on my standard 1920x1080 screen, which largely precludes me from valuing it’s utility. It’s way way worse on my laptop.

The font size is currently based on the system DPI settings. The text is larger if the DPI is higher. Please try to change the scale of the text with your display settings.