The GlassWire does not always start with the Windos (7 64bit)

The GlassWire does not always start with the Windos (7 64bit), even though the setting is selected. Again, you have to mark to start in the setting. (The Windows was always normally stop.)

Are you sure you did not uncheck the startup option on install? Our installer has an option to allow GlassWire to start up with your computer, but it can be unchecked.

AS an extra check download codestuff starter this program allows you to check on startups/processes/services and make major changes to them .It shows great detail of the programs path and use in Windows whether to hide it or start as user / machine start /etc

Thanks for the help, but,
There are similar programs (Windows 7 manager), but the bottom line is what I wrote not change. You always need to reactivate the auto start setting, over and over again.

We’ll try to find and fix this, thanks!

Thanks me too for answer!

Try this Susus 124=

Of course!
a) I check autorun option in setting:

b) I see autrun between:

c) Next Windows start GlassWire will not start always automatically and then I can see:

Thanks for the detailed report. We’ll try and figure out what’s going on.