The Glasswire I PURCHASED is now a subscription? (solved)

I bought Glasswire in April 2017, but today it’s saying it’s a trial version with 1 day to go.

WTF? I purchased a product and now it’s suddenly a subscription???

This is one hell of a scummy tactic, it’s really hard to believe anyone would have the nerve to do it! I would never have gotten Glasswire in the first place if I had known I would have to effectively buy it every year!

One thing is certain: Glasswire will never receive another fucking penny from me!!


GlassWire did not have subscriptions in April 2017. For anyone who has ever purchased our 1.0 software we have not disabled any activation codes, so the situation you are describing is technically impossible…

Did you accidentally buy GlassWire a second time as a subscription?
"This major update is a free upgrade for 1.0 paid users…" - nothing has changed…

Email me a screenshot along with your activation code.

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Sheesh, I just reactivated Glasswire using my original code and everything is good. I don’t know what happened but now it’s working as expected.

@Ken_GlassWire, I apologize to you and the forum members for flying off the handle, assuming the worst and posting a stupid and profane complaint. This hit me at a bad time, but I have no excuse for behaving as I did. Glasswire is a very good product and I should not have bad-mouthed it.