The Glasswire service stopped running - 2nd version

Kind staff,

I’m here to tell you about my experience with Glasswire programm, a particular story.

I have installed the program for about a year and it has always worked very well with the support of windows firewall on a computer with O.S. Windows 7.

About two days ago, the glasswire no longer starts and show me: “The GlassWire service stopped running”

The first thing I have installed, cleaned the appropriate folders (as already indicated to other readers) and made a clean installation of the latest version

Quick check in Windows services, where Glasswire appears as started automatically but not running!

when I go in the services (services.msc) to click -> “start” the service, it starts but it comes to about 50/60% of the upload (the classic work in progress) and then show me this messagge popup: 'THE GLASSWIRE CONTROL SERVICE ON LOCAL COMPUTER STARTED AND THEN STOPPED.SOME SERVICES STOP AUTOMATICALLY IF THEY ARE NOT IN USE BY OTHER SERVICES OR PROGRAMS ’

IMPORTANT: I ​​specify that the dependencies / services related to GLASSWIRE are enabled (BFE, RPC, Agent mapping Rpc endpoint and DCOM server process startup utility) and my pc don’t have any malware or viruses.

During these attempts, for three consecutive times, at a distance of a few senconds, in my “netstat” from the cmd, I notice that GLASSWIRE tries to communicate with my localhost (as usual - but automatically I can read the communication status on the screen directly in SYS_SENT".

by chance, does anyone know where I’m wrong?

I sincerely hope in your help!
thank you all … good evening.


Sorry for the problem.

An easy fix is probably uninstalling GlassWire in add/remove programs, then reinstalling using GlassWire’s “clean” install option with its installer. If you need to keep your history or settings though, maybe just rebooting and reinstalling GlassWire over itself can do the trick.

Perhaps there was some corruption, or a third party software disabled GlassWire and it just needs to be reinstalled.


Thanks for the reply and for the trick, but I havent add programs in last past. I had many times unistall/rebooting and reistall Glasswire (in clean way)… but always seem problem in my first messagge.


Thanks for the reply, but it isn’t my case that in the link, because when I start GLASS it is in instant state:The GlassWire service stopped running .
now i have the last version 1.2.121 and before the problem a I have never update.
it’s hard believe that in my case, this fantastic programm crash suddenly without an apparent reason and without my having performed a particular computer operation.

I hope someone else has other tips for me!
thank you all for the support

I hope in more lucky! thanks Glasnet!:+1:


the version I had was 1.2.118.

Even before writing on the forum I had tried several recovery points but without success (I say different because I have dedicated 15 GB of my harddisk only for this purpose)

but despite all the operations I have suggested, the problem persists. the Glasswire service does not want to leave and all the details I already described them in my first message.

I do not sincerely want to disturb anymore. I will continue with a new clean windows installation.

Thank you very much for your availability. Good day to all.:+1::+1:


Please try our 2.0 update released today at