The location of the Mini Viewer

Hello again.

I am the proud owner of a 2560x1440 monitor - just one.

I use the Mini Viewer which left upper corner is on location 2299x1137.

After playing a game in full screen (1920x1080) the Mini Viewer has moved to 1451x1027 (upper left)

and I have to move it to its original place.

Could and would you look into this?
Thanks in advance.

Would this be a glasswire issue, or something to do with your screen resolution during and after gameplay?

Nonetheless, I would be curious as to the reasoning. I know I have had similar issues with large monitors in regards to certain full screen applications (not running in full screen resolution, but smaller reso’s) and desktop icons squishing to the fit the last known screen resolution. --assuming that makes sense–

In that case it would be an issue completely outside the scope of any given application and more inline with those particular application (games etc.) settings.

Although, I am no expert, just throwing my own experience at this.

I will report this to the dev team, thank you.

It has something to do with the screen resolution during and after gameplay (but I guess that is obvious). I played the game full screen at native 2560X1440 and the Mini Viewer kept his place.