There should be an option to disable auto-updates for glasswire

i personally use glasswire to monitor my data usage as i’m a bit of tight on data due to the lack of infastructure here, but every so often, glasswire updates itself even when i dont need or care about the updates, i suggest adding an option to disable auto-updates


Thanks for your feedback about disabling updates for GlassWire.

Please note though, you can avoid installing new updates. You must OK the update.

I’m not the only one who wants this stupid nag to have an option to do away with it.

There must be a new person on your staff who was left alone for too long without adult supervision.

The term “nag” for this software behavior was assigned decades ago because some blockhead thought it was a good idea and loads of others jumped on. Some outrage was expressed and a solution was created: the opt-out. Everyone was happy.

All I need is ONE notification. And I’ll update next chance I get. Thank you very much.

Not to mention, this latest update fixes issues I don’t even have and I’d prefer to skip it. And it seems that GW updates are becoming all too frequent.



Sorry for the issue and thanks for your feedback. We’re actively working on an opt-out for updates.