Things DNS IP Buttons

DNS & IP buttons on the things tab don’t do anything. What are they supposed to do?


If your “Things” have DNS names it will sort by DNS instead of the IP address. Some networks won’t show the DNS though.

I can confirm this. It used to get the DNS names from my router, but now having DNS selected just shows the LAN IP.

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Your DNS names do not resolve with GlassWire under “Things”? Please confirm your version of GlassWire. Sorry for the issue.

I agree with Tarun, i am using current version 2.2.210

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I checked this myself just now and on my machine, Things>DNS shows me DNS names while Things>IP shows LAN IP addresses. Version 2.2.210.

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2.2.210 +20 characters…

It works for me but not so well, it only gets a name for a very small amount of devices out of all of the recognised devices and for my Technicolor router it now displays “” as the DNS name

Okay. This appears to work. Most of the “things” on my network are nameless devices, so I didn’t notice the change when I clicked the DNS button. One does, and its DNS is shown as expected when sorting by DNS. Thanks for advice.