Things IP to DNS not working

Glasswire 2.2.268 “things” IP to DNS not working, displays IPs with only a couple of names (gateway, printer and localhost) xlated. I run Windows 7 Ultimate atop VMware latest on Linux Centos 7 latest. The last time this worked totally for all DNS names was 2.2.210. After reporting previously here, been updating regularly hoping to see a fix… no cigar. Also, please don’t waste your time telling me to upgrade to Windows 10 since I have an instance of it running under VMware as well, I have a requirement for Windows 7 and your documentation says you still support it. I’m getting by labeling IPs under things but the Window 7 system is my greatest security concern… plz. advise, thx.

Sorry for the issue. If you run a manual scan by pressing the “scan” button once, does it make any difference?

I believe due to Microsoft’s sandbox technology we had to ignore certain virtual adapters, otherwise we could not scan at all. So this issue probably started sometime after Windows released their sandbox technology.

We’re forced to ignore the virtual adapters otherwise the scan goes on forever and is unable to pick up devices at all in most cases. I am not sure what else we can do about it since this change was made due to these new virtual adapters that were recently added.

Thx for the reply Ken. Pressing “scan” once causes a 35s search with no changes in IP to names.

I thought the new sandbox lightweight virtualization was a Windows 10 addition, not for Windows 7, but could be wrong. Besides, my Windows 7 virtualization is via VMware Workstation v16, which could have a similar problem with device virtualization. I really don’t know without access to your code. Is it up somewhere? Probably not. Any further debugging I may turn on/do?