Things monitor not showing "label" name in Network Alerts

Firstly, apologies if there is a post about this elsewhere. I did do a search and found one article similar but it didn’t answer my question.

Am I doing something wrong on the Alerts tab as I can only see the Things monitor entries displaying as “Samsung Electronic” etc, instead of the label I gave it “Samsung Note 9”

Again, sorry if I am missing something. This is my first day with GlassWire.

I’ve never seen the labels override the device name in any notifications so what you expect to happen probably does not happen anywhere in GlassWire.

Things tab:

Alerts tab:

Thanks for the reply.

As a newcomer it makes sense to me to see the friendly name pop up in the alerts from the Label and in the Alerts tab.

I have multiple Apple/Samsung devices and the popups aren’t very informative unless I retain in my memory the IP address for each device.

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I agree. It does make sense.

FYI, the labels were only added to make it easier to distinguish between connected devices in the in the Network tab which is what the Things tab used to be called.

I did add it to the feature request list last night, so maybe one day it will be added.

I had no idea that my wifi devices were dropping off and on the network so regularly until I looked at the Alerts tab

I have the setting unchecked so all my scans are only manual. Having the labels applied to the notifications would make me more likely to set a scan interval.

We should add this feature in the future. I’m sorry we missed it. Thanks!

Great news, I knew it was worth mentioning!

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Hooray. :fireworks: Thanks for adding labels at the start of the description line.

My labels are only numbers so I’ve “circled” them: