"Things" tab device name change/spoofing

Hi All,
I recently noticed that a device on my network had it’s name changed in the “things” tab. I did not do this and I am unsure how this change could have occurred.

I have checked on the router and the device appears on the router as “Device 1”, but when I look at the GlassWire Things tab, I see “Device 2” where previously it said “Device 1”. I did not make this change and as previously stated, Device 1 appeared as “Device 1” both on my router and in GlassWire before today.

It also seem like other devices have been affected with the same naming errors. The mac addresses are the same on the router and GlassWire but the IP address and names are different on the devices.

No Network spoofing or other network alerts activated on GlassWire, so the cause of this issue is unknown (and a little unsettling).


If you go to the top left GlassWire menu and “Exit” then restart GlassWire, does it show the correct info? It will help me diagnose the problem.

Also, if you go to the top left GlassWire menu what version of GlassWire are you using?

When you say “Device 1” do you mean the custom label name you wrote, or the name GlassWire gave the device under “info”?



Hi Ken, I’m on version 2.0.84 and the first thing I tried was restarting GlassWire.

I then went on to stop GlassWire and restart the GlassWire Control Services to see if that made a difference.

It still shows the same device name discrepancy.

The custom label is the same as I set it (something that showed that the Device names has changed) and the “Info” column remains the same, it’s the DNS name for the devices that has changed found in the “Device” Column.

Addition: There also seems to be an issue with detecting devices connecting to the network. Again I am not sure what has caused these issues.

The IP address displayed also seems not to update with the assigned localhost IP on the router.


I will ask our team if they have some ideas. We’ll try to reproduce this on our end.

If you feel comfortable, can you tell me if you are on Ethernet or WiFi? Feel free to email us details instead: https://www.glasswire.com/contact/

I was connecting via a WiFi connection. Thanks again for your help with this.