This is really hilarious

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So, my more recent Firefox (a whole lot more recent than the 52ESR on my XP machine), and I can’t use it, but my obscure backup browser works fine?

NOT a Glasswire issue, rather the discourse forum software. Funny.

xp shouldnt be used on the internet

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Oh, yeah. We really need an OS that MS can use to their advantage, right? Interestingly, a good friend works for a major business security company. He told me I am safer with XP and a decent AV than 10 with the best AV. Hasn’t been a new exploit written for XP in what, 7 years?
The ONLY reason I even looked for a good third-party firewall and found Glasswire was to try to stop Microslime from accessing my computer. What I find is insidious.
Just because you de-select something in the OS, does NOT mean it is turned off…what it means is it TELLS you it is turned off to make you feel good and safe.
Finding Update and killing that was hard. Finding the hidden update engines was far more difficult. Like sedlauncher, and waasmedic. And finding turning telemetry “off” didn’t, at all.
They sneak in “compatibility telemetry” through their back door.
I am really quite glad to have Glasswire to stop some of this stuff.

Sorry for the issue! Yes, it’s true we don’t make the Discourse forum software. That’s good to know!