Today GWIdlMon.exe.9176.dmp appeared on my desktop, what is it? Have I been hacked?

so today a file called GWIdlMon.exe.9176.dmp appeared on my desktop, when I opened it up my PC went into overdrive used up heaps of the CPU, then when the file opened it was just full of gibberish, what is this file? have I been hacked or hit with malware? I really don’t understand what is going on, the massive spike in CPU usage when I tried to open a text document had me a bit freaked out, the file is 58887kb, all I could find online was that its a glasswire file, so now I’m here, anyone able to shed light on the subject is massively appreciated

.dmp file sounds like glasswire crashed and put it’s crashlog on your desktop. The file is 58MB which would be quite huge for most text programs to open.

And I would assume that the big spike in CPU was caused by that, well I hope it was cause of that haha

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Please always feel free to drop an email to the Support Team at and attach the DMP file for analysis.

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You can try to uncheck this, it should help.