Too many connections terminate the internet connection

I started many instances of an MMO; the vlc-player streams internetradio to my computer.

After the latest update glasswire have problems with too many connections from games, vlc, browser and so on and killed my connection to router.

The internet connection is only stable if glasswire doesn’t started.
Is this a known problem or I’m the first?

Thanks for your help

my computer:
I7 with 8GB RAM; only wifi-connections to the router
glasswire was installed at october 2014

I haven’t seen anyone else report this. Could you try uninstalling GlassWire, then rebooting, then see if it happens without GlassWire installed?

glasswire is reinstalled
I started all my applications, check in this evening if the problem exist again and notice the results here
thanks for your help


the system runs over 24hours without problems.
glasswire works fine.
I don’t know what was the problem.
thanks for the nice programm and the quick help
the thread can be closed

best regards

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I’ve noticed something similar. After running fine for a while, my connection drops and I have to uninstall Glasswire. I didn’t test thoroughly, but just disabling Glasswire didn’t seem to help. After uninstalling everything went back to normal. The PC with Glasswire serves as an HTPC and central downloading hub, so it’s possible that it does have to do with the number of connections, but I can’t be sure.

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