Tor Browser not working without seperate rule in the Win 10 firewall

Tor Browser 6.5 is not working without a seperate self-created rule in the firewall, no, two, one for firefox and one for tor, will have to try if that firefox-rule is nessecary.
Doesn’t matter which mode you put glasswire in, it doesn’t catch tor.exe seamingly.
Try’d out disabling the firefox-rule, torbrowser still working, so only one rule needed for tor.exe.


Thanks for your report and sorry for the problem. A couple questions.

  1. May I ask what Tor software you’re using so we can check/test it?

  2. Is it possible Tor actually sends its traffic through Firefox or some other application, so Tor itself isn’t sending any network data? That could explain it.

  3. Are you in “Ask to connect” mode or the free “Click to block” mode.

  4. If you go to the GlassWire Firewall tab does Tor appear there?

  5. If you reboot does it make any difference?

  6. Are you adding your own rules to Windows Firewall separate from GlassWire, or do you use any other software that could be adding its own rules there?

We will try to figure out what’s happening and why.

  1. like I wrote only tor.exe is sending data
  2. doesn’t matter, see above
  3. yes it shows up
  4. no
  5. I am adding my seperate rules to the firewall, like tor and other portable apps (
    and of course there are other applications like Windows that add rules to the firewall and other programs too
    but why should that be relevant for tor not working when it is working flawlessly with a simple rule…for tor.exe only, just have to catch that, just go to and download Tor Browser to try for yourself.
    thank you

Thank you. We will try to reproduce this on our end.

For now I could recommend uninstalling GlassWire, rebooting, then going to the Windows Firewall control panel and choosing “restore defaults” then reinstalling GlassWire with its “clean” option (unfortunately this will delete your settings/history).

I asked what version of Tor you had because I thought perhaps it was some type of special build.