Total Network Usage

If I’m remote monitoring other machines, I obviously have a reason for doing so. In particular, I would like to have the Total Monitored Usage for all the machines that I have defined as being remote connected.

One major advantage of Glasswire is that we can determine network usage on all connections. But if I want a total, I must manually go to each connection and manually add the Usage. It could be useful to have a total usage for any requested app, but to start with, there should be a default display on the Glasswire client of the total usage for all the monitored servers.

Edit 12/3/2015:
Related to this, it would be great if Glasswire would pull the total network usage from the router stats. I realize that all routers are diffierent, but it appears that all manufacturers (Netgear, Linksys, etc.) have apps that can get this info for all their routers, so it should be feasible for Glasswire.

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Bump so that the edit will be seen.

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Good idea but it’s hard to think of how it would work in the user interface… thinking…

If I understand your thought :<) , when I look at the Usage window, on the left is “All Usage” – it could toggle between Local Usage and Total Monitored Usage.

But I’m really just interested in something simpler. In that All Usage block, you might reduce the total size leaving a 1/4" space at the bottom for Total Monitored Usage or Total Network Throughput by Day, Week, Month, etc. as selected at the top.

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