Tracking data volume by device

I would like to be able to see how much data individual devices are using on a residential network. Its for a customer who has Googke Wifi. They are being told by Comcast they are exceeding their data limits. I want to know what is using the most data. They are using their own modem so they can’t use the Xfinity app.

Can glasswire do this and if so what level would I have to purchase?

Do I have to get a different router?



GlassWire focuses on the endpoint, so you can see what data Windows PCs and Android devices are using with our software.

In most bandwidth overage cases it’s usually due to a Windows PC. You can install GlassWire on all the network PCs and check their daily bandwidth usage stats in detail to see what’s causing the issue.

GlassWire can also show you what devices are on the network, and when a new unknown device joins. This helps protect you from strange devices joining and using up your data.

You can download GlassWire for a free 7 day trial to all your PCs and check their data for 7 days to find any issues. Therefore you don’t have to pay anything. Then later if you find GlassWire useful you can buy Pro for 3 PCs, or Elite for 10 PCs. If you have only one PC you can buy our Basic software.

Our user guide is here: