Traffic count Backwards

Hello there,
since a while i am using glasswire. So as usual with new App i am watching the way it works and stumbled over something i don’t understand.
One of my apps was downloading a couple of 100mb’s, then i blocked the download.
Shortly after i found the traffic control counting, the already done and counted download, down in direction to 0 !
Can somebody tell why is that?

Perhaps I don’t understand the question correctly, but if the application was blocked shouldn’t its traffic be zero like you said?

Hello Ken,
maybe my question is just stupid, but i wondered why it is counting backwards. That App was downloading about 500mb before i blocked it. Or is the fact that it does count it down just inside the traffic control but not in the sum total?
Trying to find out how something works sometimes produces real stupid questions, i …see!
Thanks Ken

Were you looking at the live traffic data that shows the current live traffic moving over the network? If so then that wasn’t a counter, it was the live data, then when you stopped the application it went to zero because then there was zero data with that application.

Where was the counter exactly? Was it under the Firewall tab, or under “Usage” or somewhere else?


hi Ken,
it was in the graph - traffic, the first line in there shows “all apps” the second in that moment showed “HTTP”! This it was which after the download was blocked, started counting down, but in kind of slow motion. You where right saying after a dl is blocked the counter has to go back to to -0-. I was expecting that it would do that but not in the way it did. Took about 1/2 hour to reach -0- ! I made some Screenshots but don’t know how to place them in here.

thank you Ken

Please email us some screenshots.
Please try blocking IE or some major application, then start it and see if the access is blocked or not.