Traffic graph appears to disappear and reappear over and over on one machine

I monitor several machines and only one does this. In the thumbnail on the graph the traffic will disappear and then reappear over and over. Is there an issue with the connection or what else may cause this as there is no disruption in connection to the web, etc.


Do you see a .dmp file on the desktop of that machine? Perhaps our service is crashing and it’s causing the lack of data.

If our service crashes it usually drops a .dmp file to the desktop, but if the GlassWire service is ended on purpose there will be no .dmp.

Next time it happens can you look in the task manager and see if our service is still running or if it’s stopped?

The service is still running and no .dmp file is being created, once in a blue moon it will fail completely and the .dmp will be on the desktop. It only goes out for a second or less and then is back. I will try to get a screenshot of what it is doing and post it here.

It looks like this. “Casey” is the machine in question, it will go back and forth, usually with the traffic but every few seconds it drops out for a second and then reappears.


If you look at “Casey” in person, does it have the same drop out or is it only with the remote monitoring?

I’d guess that the database is corrupted or that GlassWire’s service is having issues. I’d suggest a reinstall of our software at the Casey machine, and see if the problem is solved.

If a simple reinstall does not solve the issue then consider a clean install. A clean install could be required if the database was somehow corrupted.

Also please check for any third party apps that may kill Windows services and then please white list GlassWire if such an app is installed on that machine. Some “cleaning” apps can kill services. If our service is killed then it can’t count data usage stats.


I think it is another program that is impeding the glasswire reporting. The machine is connected to several CNC machines and they access data on it sometimes. It doesn’t seem to have this issue when the CNCs are not running, if I can pinpoint the cause I will post it here in case others are having a similar issue in a commercial setting.


Thanks, we’d appreciate any more data you could provide so others could avoid this issue in the future.